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Modules are varied and extensive, what we have listed here are the DNN Most Used modules, which are constantly under development.

As DNN allows programmers to develop for a popular platform a thriving third party industry exists.

A ClubWeb site initial cost generally includes the cost of any additional modules required.


Providers Enable authentication to your site using one of the Authentication Providers including Active Directory, LiveID, OpenID & Cardspace. Announcements Module. Produces an RSS enabled list of ordered announcements with publish / expire dates and links for more information.
Blog Module

Manage blogging on your site with personalized blogging pages or an aggregated list.
Chat Module

Allow users to chat on your site in real time.
Contacts Module

Manage a list of contact information.
Documents Module

Publish a list of documents which can be opened or downloaded and track their usage.
Events Module

Publish event details to an online calendar with a variety of views. Enable subscription to events, moderation, email notification and more.
FAQ Module

Manage a list of Frequently Asked Questions using AJAX and custom templates.
Feedback Module

Collect comments from users and optionally display them like a guestbook or email them to the right person. Enable moderation and/or CAPTCHA to keep it clean.
Forum Module

Create a set of forums on your site.
Gallery Module

Display images in an organized viewer for site visitors to enjoy with categories and thumbnail views. Optionally use watermarks, bulk upload, exif data and more.
Help Module

Publish a tutorial or book with a treeview table of contents, summary information and page detail. Upload content changes in bulk.
HTML / Text Module

Add text, images, links and tables (even objects, javascript & raw HTML) to the pages of your site.
Iframe module

Embed content from another website within an IFrame. Configure width, height, scrolling, query string parameters and more.
Language Packs

Configure DNN so that it is culturally appropriate for a non-english locale.
Links Module

Manage a list of links to pages, files, urls, user profiles, etc. Track click throughs, open in a new window, etc.
Map Module

Display interactive maps on your site in a number of unique ways. Populate maps with custom data in display, "playback", positional or directory modes.
Media Module

Display all kinds of media including Flash, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media, various Audio formats and images.
News Module

Display and format external RSS feeds on your site. Reports Module. Host users can configure custom SQL queries and using a variety of display "visualizers".
Repository Module

Store a "skinnable" collection of files, images, links or text with item information such as author name and email address, a summary or detailed description, file size and download counts, etc. Provides community features such as a User Rating system and User Comments.
Survey Module

Poll site visitors with one or more questions and graphically display the results.
User Defined Table Module

Design your own table complete with field types, validation and custom user permissions.
Users Online Module

See how many people are registered on your site, optionally list everyone online.
WIKI Module

Collaborate on your site with a wiki.
XML Module

Consume and transform any data that is published in XML. Use it to display everything from spreadsheet data to Amazon Searches and Yahoo Maps.
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