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Case Study - Property rescue

1. Task

We were asked to develop a professional and fully functioning web site for our client – Property Rescue. As the main activity of our client's company is dealing with properties, we needed to design a clear and an easy to navigate corporate website, containing a lot of information. We were also asked to create the web site in a way that will promote and popularise our client's services and products.

Property Rescue  Property Rescue  Property Rescue

2. Project Goal

We aimed to develop a web site that would fully satisfy our client's requirements. As the company deals with a great amount of information, we needed to make the web site as easy to navigate as possible.

Property Rescue


3. Solution by Go Live UK

We developed a corporate web site that provides information about Property Rescue's products, services and activities. To make it attractive to the visitors and to provide good communication between out client and the company's prospective customers we did our best in designing professional and an easy to navigate outlook. For easier site administration we enhanced the web site with Content Management System, that allows an assigned person (administrator) to deal with the site content, without being necessary to have more specific computer programming knowledge.

Property Rescue  Property Rescue

4. Planning, Project Management & Workflow

Go Live Uk is an experienced company in web site development and eCommerce, so we know that the secret of a successful project is in the proper planning of activities concerning the web site development. We used our Project Management System to plan and complete all the tasks regarding the project. We created a timeframe full of different tasks, which were assigned to different members of our staff. They were taking care of these tasks until the project completion. In order to meet all client's requirements for amendments and variations to the Scope of Work during the work process, we used a flexible and reliable project management methodology.

Property Rescue  Property Rescue


5. Go Live Solution in action


Property Rescue

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