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Case Study - Essence Business Solutions

1. Task

Our client required a web site to promote their company's services and products. It was necessary to be a web site with clear and easy to navigate design and attractive outlook. Our task was to give our client the best from the web site's Internet presence and to satisfy all client needs regarding the web site development.


2. Project goal:

During the development of the project we aimed to design an elegant and professional, easy to navigate web site, which presents Essence bs and its services in the best possible way. The website provides the prospective customers with valuable and detailed information and encourages them to contact the company.


Essence  Essence


3. Solution by Go Live Uk

We developed a corporate web site that meets the requirements of our client. The website provides information about Essence and all products and services offered by the company and has an attractive graphic design which grabs visitors' attention and increases the chances for gaining new customers. The web site is also equipped with a Content Management System, which allows site management by an assigned person (administrator), without being necessary to know much about computer programming. This system allows the administrator to set new pages, remove old pages and update the information on all of them.


Essence  Essence


4. Planning, Project Management & Workflow:

At the beginning of the project, we planned a workflow, referred to the Go Live's experience and best practices in the web and eCommerce development. All of the tacks were put in a timeframe and were assigned a different member of staff dedicated to the completion of the particular task. We made this using our proved Project Management System, which gives us a flexible methodology, so that we are able to meet all client's recruitments regarding amendments and variations to the Scope of Works during the working process.



5. Go Live Solution in Action


Essence  Essence

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